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IAAAS is a non profit organization that promotes the brands of our authors through discussions, sharing of resources and encouraging the joy and passion of writing. We achieve this through:


Order books from IAAAS AUTHORS:

*Chinedum Igwe, MBA ~ 678.760.6448,, (U.S.A)
(Immigration to Citizenship of the United States of America - Your resource guide, 2011)

*Sally Eko ~ 404.520.5831, (U.S.A)
(Being Black Not Much Has Changed Then, Now And The Way Forward)

*Iwu Aguene ~ 770.906.3924, (U.S.A)

*Dr. Benson Karanja ~ 404.627.2681, (U.S.A)

*Queen Blessing O. Itua ~ 404.610.6485, (U.S.A)
(Dying Inside, Loving Your True Skin)

*Dr. Patricia Ahanotu ~ 770.895.2946, 770.285.4271, (U.S.A)
(Principles of Human Physiology; Fundamentals of Human Anatomy; Principles of Human Anatomy & Physiology)

*Edith Chuta ~ +713.392.1489,, (U.S.A)
(The True meaning of Christmas and Easter - Authorhouse - 2003); By His Grace, I Am What I Am; A Handbook for Missionaries - Authorhouse - 2004; Straight Talk to Troubled Kids - iuniverse - 2007; etc.)

*Cornelius Ejimofor, Ph.D. ~ 770.329.3566,

(British Colonial Objectives and Policies in Nigeria: The Root of Conflict; Management of Human Resources: A Generic Approach).


*Dr. Solomon David Egbuho ~ 562.285.8528,

Inspirational Poetic Wisdom, 2017)

*Mercy Ngozi Alu ~
(Halima, 2010). Also available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.
*Prof. Emeka Aniagolu ~
(A Tale of Two Giants: Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka, 2016). Publisher: AMAB Books & Publishing, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria; ISBN: 978-978-54580-0-8.
*Dr. George MacLean Akurunwa ~
1. Tumbling Grounds ( and
2. The Giant Killer ( and
3. The Forgotten Love ( and
4. Wild Winds of Africa ( and
5. Mortality ( and
6. Tough love Questions you must answer ( and
7. A lover's wish ( and

*Florence Moore ~
(Manuscript: MY COUSIN AGNESS)

*Dr. Tessy Aguzie ~
(Your Destiny Is In Your Hands 1 & 2; It Is Not Over Unless You Say So)

* Martin C. Akwari ~

*Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D. ~ 404.740.5597, (U.S.A)
(Memorandum to Nigerians on How Nigerians Can Ensure The Survival of Nigeria, 2008; Africa and Africans in the Diaspora: An Evaluation of the Impact They Have on Each Other, 1996; African Women and Political Development: A Case Study of Etsako Women in Edo State, Nigeria, 2002; etc.)

*George Fosu ~ 678.848.3081, (U.S.A)

*Jama Musse Jama, Ph.D. ~ +252.63.4099088, (Somaliland)
(Somaliland: The Way Forward - Achieving Its Rightful International Status, Volume one - 2011; A Note on "My Teachers' Group": News Report of an Injustice - 2003; etc.)

*Charles Amechi Uti, Ph.D. ~ +1 617.961.2924,, (U.S.A)
(2012). Media Violence among Youths and National Development. Journal of Sustainable Development. Volume 9, No 12, Pg. 53-61.
(2012). Cultural Imperialism in Television Programming and National Development. Journal of Sustainable Development. Volume 9, No 12, Pg. 35-46.

*Toochukwu (T.C.) Anyachonkeya ~ 704.619.2006,
(Deeper Than Rhymes: Art, Love, and Poetry) Also available online at Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.





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